Founded in 2008, La Prenda Vineyards Management has grown to farm over 30 properties in the Sonoma Valley, Carneros, Sonoma Mountain and Bennett Valley appellations with a focus on Fish Friendly Farming. Sonoma Collection, the brainchild of owner Ned Hill, is a family-owned business featuring sustainably farmed wines honoring Sonoma Valley grape farmers. Other labels include Fifth Hill, La Prenda, Happy Wife, and 95476.


Using more traditional suppliers and methods, La Prenda would only order labels a handful of times per year in an effort to meet minimums. This was complicated by the dynamic needs of their customers, who were often looking for small lots and unique wines. New and old clients alike were frustrated by slow turnaround times and inability to provide product in a timely fashion, causing La Prenda some missed opportunities.


Labeltronix’ unique solution, The Dynamic Hybrid Solution, enables La Prenda to receive pre-printed wine specific labels for the company’s brands with embossing and foil stamping in place. Using the BarTender software and the Epson C6500 color label printer, La Prenda is able to easily add their variable information. “This solution gave me the ability to change UPCs, alcohol %, vintage, variety and appellation, not to mention back label blurbs on my pre-printed labels in minutes,” said Mike Cox, Winemaker at La Prenda. Cox received software, training and support for their needs along the way.

Once the variable information was printed on the labels, they were complete and ready for the bottling line. “I was surprised how easy it was once I got into the system and put it to work,” he said.


“I love telling potential new clients about the power of what we can do. They are amazed and impressed with the quality of the label and our ability to quickly deliver product.” said Cox.
Improvements that made this possible are highlighted below.

“I’ve been in the wine industry for more than 20 years,” said Mike Cox, Sonoma Collection’s new winemaker. “When it comes to getting bottles of wine into customers hands, I’ve never seen anything close to how efficient this labeling solution is.”