Product Versioning

Even small batches deserve the best labels. Get your branded labels printed by the professionals at Labeltronix  and add version details as each batch is bottled and packaged. 



Label compliance in the cannabis industry can feel like a logistical nightmare. You have a brand label and a compliance label, both of which need designed, printed, and managed. But now, you can have both labels in one.


Give your patrons a one-of-a-kind takeaway with names, pictures, and other customizations on your label. And they don’t have to wait weeks—give them their custom keepsake before they walk out the door.



Bring customers into your tasting room and let them leave them with a product labeled specifically for their special event—Valentine’s Day dinner, holiday tastings, seasonal events, and more. Take events at your facility to the next level with memorable personalized gifts for each attendee.

This technology is so new that there are surely uses we haven’t thought of yet.

Have an idea for one?


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